Hi. I'm Kira

Incurable optimist, exploring the world for joy and true beauty.

This blog is built for you. Originally started as a way to help others learn about the beauty industry, the products available and how ingredients impact our health, I quickly realized that was not my heart's calling and I wanted the blog to show beauty beyond what we put on our skin. My mission has shifted to highlighting the people, places and moments that bring beauty into the world by spreading joy.

I'm a family girl, first and foremost, with a strong faith. A content and social strategist by day, I'm a Disney fanatic, history buff and am passionate about giving back.

I do not claim to be an expert or happiness guru. I am simply a woman who looks for beauty in a world where it may seem hard to find and I want you all to take the journey with me. 

Remember, family is life, time is a blessing and joy is true beauty.

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Gotta give credit, where credit is due.