Hi. I'm Kira

Hi there! I'm Kira, and I'm so glad you stopped by to visit my corner of the internet. Since we're just meeting, let's get to know one another. 

I'm in my 30s and live in upstate New York with my husband and our guinea pig. By day, I'm a social media strategist and writer for a tech company. By night I'm a Disney fanatic turned part-time travel agent who loves singing Broadway show tunes around the house, gardening, learning, and spending as much time as possible with my family. I also host this podcast; Joy is True Beauty.

I am an incurable optimist that often sees the world through rose-colored glasses, but the journey to where I am now has had some twists and turns. I've always felt blessed by and grateful for my family. My parents and sisters filled my life with love, music, laughter, and overflowing optimism. Mom and Dad taught us that doing the right thing, helping others, and even the smallest act of kindness brings real joy to your life and the world. 

In 2015, after what was supposed to be a routine surgery, we lost my Mom suddenly. Mom (Bonita, Bonnie) was only 59. Our world turned upside down. At the time, we did what we knew best and what Mom taught us. We clung to one another. We still do, and we miss Mom every single day.


After my Mom passed, the reality of our limited time on this earth became incredibly apparent. While processing my grief, new dreams awakened in me. I realized that we needed to celebrate every moment with one another and find joy whenever possible. I also knew I wanted to start something of my own to continue my Mom's legacy, sharing her joy-filled spirit, compassion, love, and pixie dust.


That is what Joy is True Beauty is all about. This podcast, along with the blogs and poems I write, invite you to experience stories about people, communities, and places that bring joy into the world, making it a more beautiful place. 

This podcast is for you if:

  • You ever feel overwhelmed by negative news and are looking to restore your faith in humanity

  • If you believe that optimism can change the world

  • If you are looking for positive inspiration

  • If you just love good vibes and need a little joy in your day 

Mister Rogers used to say, "Look for the helpers." Together, you and I must look for and strive to be people who recognize the issues and then spend time and energy, developing the solutions, spreading kindness, and creating a better tomorrow.

I do not claim to be an expert on joy. I am simply a woman who believes, as the Sherman Brothers wrote, that we can build a "great big beautiful tomorrow", together by spreading kindness and joy. Won't you join me!

Now, it's your turn. I want to get to know you better. Head over to the Joy is True Beauty Facebook Group and share your name, where you're joining me from, and what brings you joy. 

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