A Shift in Busy Beaver Beauty's Mission

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

I want to help people see beauty and joy in their lives and in one another.

When I first began Busy Beaver Beauty, my honest intention was to spread my obsession with skin care and beauty products, as well as any knowledge I had garnered, with my followers. My hope at the time was that this blog would act as a resource for other busy individuals trying to make sense of the thousands of cosmetic products and ingredients offered.

As I have continued along this journey, I've found many others trying to accomplish the same goal. I respect and admire these kindred spirits and look up to many as inspirations. However, I found myself struggling with the mission of this blog and quickly started veering in another direction. I wanted to build a blog and a community that would have a more positive impact and one that talked about beauty at a deeper level. So after a lot of thought & quite some time I've completely changed the mission of this blog. At its core, Busy Beaver Beauty will be about beauty in its truest of forms, including but not limited to, joy, love, nature, kindness and compassion.

Spreading Joy & Kindness

Joy. Kindness. They are simple and powerful words and they are our future. We live in a world that is more connected and has more information to consume than ever before. The ability for content to be spread so rapidly has both positive and negative impacts on our society. At times, the amplification of the issues we face can make them seem insurmountable. However, while I do see the challenges ahead, I truly believe that there is more good in the world than evil and more love than hate. It is only through the power of joy and kindness that we can develop hope and optimism, and ultimately change the world.

A New Goal

From now on, this blog will talk about finding joy and beauty in your everyday. I will mainly share stories of humanity at its very best, and hopefully inspire others to find beauty in themselves and those around them that goes far beyond the surface of their skin. Please note, I am not perfect and I don't pretend to be. I am not a happiness expert. There are moments in my life I truly wish I acted differently and with more kindness, joy, and understanding. I am learning and growing right along with you. My hope is that this project can be a small part of building a community that uses its power and influence to spread joy and therefore true beauty.

A Comforting Community

Did you know that beavers are hardworking animals who are also very family oriented and loyal. Not only do they mate for life, but even after the children have moved away, they will come back home to help with repairs if needed. A community of beavers is a loving one and that's one of the reasons for the name of this company. Before we jump into the future of Busy Beaver Beauty, I wanted to lay down some ground rules that will help us be more like a family of busy beavers. Yes, I know, I know rules, but they are important.

1.) Treat everyone in this community with kindness and respect. If you go back billions of years we are all related. Treat one another with the respect and kindness you would a close friend.

2.) Celebrate our differences without putting each other down. In a world that can seem politically and emotionally divided at times, it can be so easy to stop listening, start judging and put down those that disagree with you. While I do want us to celebrate the things that make us individuals, I ask you to please never put one person or a whole group of people down just because they might disagree with you or a philosophy that you have. It is only with love and understanding that we move forward.

2a.) Really listen (read) before you respond. So often we are quick to judge a headline or the first few sentences of a response and we pounce with our comments before truly understanding what another person had to say. Take a moment. Take a breath. Read or listen carefully before you respond and if any criticism is to be used, please make it constructive and kind.

3.) Hope. Have it and nurture it. We all go through moments in life where we feel as though the world is caving in around us. In February of 2015, my family suddenly and tragically lost my Mom. I can not begin to describe my feeling of loss, words do not do justice to just how much I ache for my Mother everyday. However, my Mom taught my family and I to have faith, in God as well as in those we love most. My faith and the love of my boyfriend and family has taken me through some of my most difficult times in live. I will not preach my faith, although you will see me writing about it because it is a big part of who I am. I do ask though, that this community is one that builds hope in one another, hope in a more beautiful tomorrow and hope that we can change the world through kindness. Nothing was ever accomplished without hope. That's just a fact.

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