Thank You Florida

Updated: May 14

This morning when I woke up (well maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I woke up) I saw a blue glow peaking through the balcony doors in my hotel room. I decided it was time to get off of the couch I was sleeping on and go out into the world. After all if the sun and the city around me was awake, who was I to argue. I got up, walked to the balcony and as I pulled the heavy door to one side, I immediately felt a rush of warm air and heard the sounds of a beach city waking up.

As I sit on my balcony writing I hear ocean waves, the occasional car go by, seagulls and the sound of the air conditioning unit off of my balcony (kind of a white noise in the background). I’m so calm and enjoying the quiet of early morning right now. Every now and then, as the sun gets higher above the horizon, I hear construction and clean up efforts happening throughout the city after Hurricane Irma. The largest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, Irma impacted thousands. Many had to evacuate their homes and cities, power is still out for all over Florida and cleanup continues. There are trees down, some businesses that are closed and others that are opening but still have plywood on their windows. However, you can see a city rebuilding and people that won’t give up. The attitude of almost everyone I’ve come in contact with while here has had a very positive impact on me. Despite the terror of the hurricane and the damage done, the people who live here are welcoming, warm, and optimistic about how quickly their city will be back up and running.

In addition to the kindness from those living in Florida, I had the honor to speak to to firefighters from NYC and electricians from Toronto, Canada, who traveled hundreds of miles to help those in need. I’m moved and inspired by the way people are coming together to better the lives of those impacted by the hurricane.

Thank you Florida for your kindness in the face of adversity and thanks to those who traveled from afar to be a part of rebuilding Florida’s communities. God Bless.

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